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Sunday, 31 March 2019

Spain 2019 - Bob and Ingrid's last couple of days

Monday 18th March

It wasn’t a very nice day – chilly and rather grey.

Ingrid and Bob had made their minds up which house they want for next year so went off early to see one of the letting agents to book it.  The owner lives in South America so they had to wait until he got up to see if they could have it!

Meanwhile Richard and I walked up to Casa Cristonia, the villa we are renting next year.  The owners, Steve and Dorothy, are here for a couple of weeks, so we had arranged to meet them.  They are lovely people though it did seem to a bit strange knowing that we would be staying in their house next year.  It is a lovely villa with an amazing view – I can’t wait!

We went up to Bedar to the Restaurante Miramar for a late lunch.  Once again, we had the lamb which if anything was better than our last visit.  It was a little chilly sitting out on the terrace and, even though, we had taken Muffin a blanket to lie on he was still shivering.

 On the way home we called in to Moca for coffee and cake – a lovely way to finish off our meal.

Sadly, Ingrid got the call from the letting agent to say that owner of the villa they wanted is going to come over to Mojacar at the beginning of 2020, so the villa won’t be available for rent.

In the evening we actually put the TV on – we haven’t had it on for days!

Tuesday 19th March

Ingrid and Bob were leaving us today.  We have had a lovely time with them.  I think all four of us had been a little worried about how it was going to work out, but it was fun and very enjoyable.  I look forward to another stay away with them somewhere.

We had lunch and then I & B left.  I was very sad to see them go but I threw myself into catching up on the blog as I was so behind!


  1. I'm looking to retire this year and would love some guidance about agencies etc; and tips for spending the winter months abroad. Our 50ft narrowboat is great in the summer and sometimes even in the depths of winter (except the grey skies can be depressing). Do you have some tips you can share with me, and your other readers, letting agents, what to avoid, what's good. Thanks

    1. Hi Wilf. I am more than happy to help you. If you send me your email address or some other way of contacting you I will do so.

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