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Thursday, 28 March 2019

Spain 2019 - Towers and viewpoints

Saturday 16th March

Ingrid and Bob went house hunting in the morning and found two really lovely ones and will make the decision about which one over the weekend.

In the afternoon we walked up to the Torre del Pirulico.  It was a lovely warm afternoon so the walk was very enjoyable.  Ingrid and I took lots of photos so some of these are mine and some are hers.

In the evening we went to La Pika.  It’s a restaurant that I have wanted to visit for some time but, in fact, it was Ingrid’s choice.  I’m afraid that I did not have a good meal though the others enjoyed theirs.  One of the worst things was that the waitress seemed to hover waiting to grab a plate as soon as it was empty!  Not restaurant I will visit again

Sunday 17th March

An amazing day – wall to wall sunshine and very hot.  I saw one digital thermometer reading that said 29° but I don’t think it was that hot.

We drove down to Carboneras in the morning and on to the Mirador de la Playa de los Muertos.  We had hoped to walk to the viewpoint with Penny and Jim when they were here, but it was so windy we didn’t even try.  We tried again with Victoria and James, but it was misty so didn’t bother.  So, third time lucky, though I didn’t have any sunscreen on which was very silly of me but fortunately I didn’t burn.  It was lovely looking down at the people on the beach – they looked like ants scurrying around!

Once home we walked down to the Beachcomber for their Sunday BBQ.  Sadly, they had run out of rib eye steaks, so I had all ribs while the others had a rib and chicken combo.  It was very nice but the last steak I had there was better.

We had a lovely walk back along the beach, walking on the edge of the water.  Muffin was in and out of the water and had a wonderful time.

In the evening Ingrid and I sat outside until bedtime – we couldn’t believe how warm it was.  We had a couple of glasses of wine and chatted while the men sat inside both on their Kindles!  In fact, it was colder inside than out!

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