I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Monday 19 July 2010

Friday 16th July

We woke up to more wind but no rain thank goodness. We set off through Shifford Lock while Dave and Sue decided how they were going to get back to collect their car. About two miles downstream we came to Newbridge and Plan A went into action - they got off with their belongings and walked to the pub to see which was the best way back to Lechlade. We said that we would wait at Newbridge until we got a phone call from them in case they decided that Plan B would be better. Plan B was that Dave would use Richard’s bike and cycle back and then catch us up in the car later. However they rang and said that they would walk to Kingston Bagpuize and catch a bus. Before leaving Sue had written a large sign saying Lechlade and she hoped that they might be able to hitch a lift! As we set off, it seemed strange to be on our own again - we had really enjoyed their company. We stopped for lunch at Bablock Hythe and then on through Pinkhill Lock to Eynsham Lock where we decided to stay for the night. It was a great place as Richard had some work to do on new seats for the front of the boat and as we were against a wall with a concrete path he was able to saw and sand to his heart’s content!! As we were at the bottom of the lock we were near the weir and it was really nice to see water pouring over one again – we hadn’t seen that for a while. Millie is beginning to become very brave now and as soon as we stop she looks out of the door and if it looks OK then she is off exploring.

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