I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Sunday 9 October 2011

Thursday 6th October

A funny old day! I didn’t actually go ashore. I left Richard and Dave up on deck nattering away while we went up to Preston Brook Tunnel, turned round and headed back to Anderton and it was raining! I sat below and tried to sort out my camera. I had been having problems with the lead from the camera to the PC for a while and today it gave up the ghost. I had the same problem past year and had to get a new one. I went onto eBay and found one, within the UK, and who had a phone number so I could phone them. We are seeing my cousins this weekend so I wanted it delivered to Sue so that she could bring it with her on Sunday. The chap at Exprodirect was very helpful but I had to order it from his website and not from eBay to make sure I got it in time and had to pay double for it! But as it was only £2.99 it wasn’t too bad. I’m just waiting to hear from Sue to see if it has arrived. I also took the opportunity to do some research into a trip we are making to Italy next year. Dave and his wife are great train travelers and he gave us all sorts of ideas about letting the train take the strain in Italy. We got back to Anderton about 3.30pm and the boys went off to look at the lift exhibition (I had been before a few years ago when I was up this way with Penny and Jim). Dave left us about 4.30pm and we hunkered down with the fire lit as it was cold, wet and windy but we were snuggy inside.

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