I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Saturday 1 October 2011

Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th September

Not much to report for my few days on my own other than it was hot, hot, hot ☼ In fact it was so hot that I really didn’t want to do very much. I wandered into Middlewich each day to get dinner and also get some exercise but mainly I worked on my family tree which I had started back in the spring and hadn’t had time to do any more to. It’s crazy but once I got involved the time just sped by and before I knew where I was it was Friday and Richard was coming back! I had planned to get the bus into Crewe for a look around on Friday and meet Richard at the station but it was so hot that in the end I couldn’t think of anything worse so I met him at the bus stop in Middlewich! It was interesting where I - sorry WE - were moored (I mustn’t forget Millie!) as I saw the same people walking their dogs, at about the same time each day – one lady with a German Shepherd came past three times a day! Most people carried a small plastic bag of dog poo too! Behind me was a favourite place for feeding the ducks and I could often hear happy children’s voices as they got rid of Mum’s stale bread! There was also a children’s park next to us but it didn’t seem to be used very much except by a couple of boys after school riding their scooters (not motorized) up and down the slide! It was strange when Richard got back as I had got quite used to 60 foot of my space then suddenly I had to share it with a 6 foot man – but I’m not complaining as I had missed him. We went out for a meal at a local pub and then I settled down to watch Strictly Come Dancing :-)

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