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Sunday 19 August 2012

Saturday 18th August

As we left Reedley I noticed that there was “161” carved into Pendle Hill – I wondered if they had done it in honour of my flat on Hayling Island!  As we approached Burnley the 161 suddenly became 1612 which does make more sense but it definitely wasn’t there before and I have a photo to prove it!  Witchcraft maybe …..

The Burnley embankment
Burnley wasn’t nearly as bad as I had thought it would be though I am glad we didn’t have to stay overnight there as there were a few unsavory looking characters wandering around.  Through the middle of Burnley there is a ¾ mile long embankment which is 60 feet high.  From up there you can see the town, Turf Moor football stadium where Burnley played a local derby today against Bolton (Burnley won 2 – 0), the bus station, a busy shopping street and best of all – Tesco Extra!!  Either Tesco or the local council have very thoughtfully built a shallow stepped sweeping pathway down from the canal.  Now you know me I never go passed a supermarket if it is close to the canal and so I was able to stock up with food for the next few days and even managed to get my printer cartridge .

Burnley from the embankment
At the end of the embankment the canal makes a sharp right hard turn.  We passed the Weavers’ Triangle where, in the 1700s, the area was a centre of the wool industry until it switched over to cotton in the first half of the 1800s.  The second half of the 19th century saw Burnley develop into the most important cotton-weaving town in the world.  As Burnley expanded, the weavers' triangle officially became part of the town in 1894. By 1911, the town’s textile industry was at the height of its prosperity, there were approximately 99,000 power looms in operation, and the town’s population had grown from 4,000 in 1801 to over 100,000.  One of the warehouses was very cleverly built as the ground floor warehouse was topped with a terrace of two-storey worker’s cottages accessed by a balcony – no excuse for being late for work!  However the whole building is boarded up – I just hope that someone does something with it soon as the idea is so novel.

After Burnley we were back out in the lovely Lancashire countryside on a glorious Saturday afternoon in August – but where were all the boats?  We passed 4 all day then 2 clip_image006went passed us during the evening – I really thought that there would be more out at this time of year.  They don’t know what they are missing as it really is lovely up here overall.  We passed through Church which the halfway point of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal – as the crow flies it isn’t but this canal is winding its way to Liverpool – the Pearson’s guide says that it “curves voluptuously” J  We had planned to stop just west of Rishton however the canal was very shallow at the side and it took as a while but we did manage to find somewhere but needed to use the gang plank to get ashore.

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