I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Monday 6 August 2012

Saturday 4th August

clip_image002I think this morning was the best morning of the summer so far :-)  We had the side doors open at breakfast time and the warm sun streamed in.

Destination Skipton.  10 swing bridges on a lovely day - Jim and I walked about a mile opening bridges, well to be honest 2 were left open so we only did 2 in that stint.  Kildwick is particulary attractive and has a church and graveyard which is split by the canal and is linked by Parson’s Bridge.

I’ve been so looking forward to getting to Skipton as I went to school there for 2 years in my teens when we lived in Malhamdale.  We pulled over in the town for water and lunch then moved on through 2 more swing bridges to moor opposite the park.  We then walked into the town and clip_image004wandered up and down the market stalls buying a new kettle in the process!  Skipton High Street didn’t seem to have changed much in 40 odd years which was nice to see but I didn’t really recognize much else!  We will be going back to Skipton next week for further exploration while we are “holiday” (but more of that later).

Penny and Jim took us out for a lovely Thai meal in the evening.  Not only do I enjoy Thai food but the service is so good too.  I’m sure the waitresses didn’t understand everything we said but they just smile so sweetly and look as if they do!!

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