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Sunday 23 September 2012

Saturday 22nd September

A cold but beautiful morning with the sun streaming in on us – unheard of this summer really.

We have got lots of time to get to Liverpool so decided to have a day out at the seaside again – Southport this time.

clip_image002We caught the bus – no problems today - and drove into Southport.  I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived as it is a really lovely town.  After Morecambe and Blackpool it was totally refreshing J  We walked towards the sea and out onto the pier.  Construction of the pier began in 1859 and it opened in 1860, it was designed and built to serve both shipping and to accommodate promenaders. Originally the pier was 1,200 yards in length. Only eight years later, due to the retreating sea, the pier was extended to 1,460 yards and a new pierhead constructed to accommodate larger boats and passenger services which arrived from more distant ports.

The pier takes you out over one of the largest man-made leisure pursuits lakes in England. The lake is home to various watersports clubs including sailing, water-skiing and rowing. Marine Lake was opened on 7th September 1887 as two lakes but these were joined in 1895. An additional extension to the northern section of the marine lake was first proposed in 1938, but not implemented, owing to the coming war. Eventually a new scheme was adopted in 1961 and the lake extension completed by 1963. A further extension was completed in 1966.

The tide was out, and I mean out!  You could hardly see the sea at all.  The area has a big tidal range, about 8 metres at spring tide.  Southport is flat, so if the tide is going to drop 8 meters on flat sand it has to go out a long way.

clip_image006We ate our picnic at the end of pier and then walked a short way along the prom.  On our way back into town I found an old fashioned carousel and just couldn’t resist a ride!  I did try to hijack a child so I didn’t stand out too much but to no avail!!  Our next target was a tea shop as the guide book said that Southport had plenty of them!  We sat outside while a busker played the accordion – very French!  We walked down Lord Street, which is the main street, and there were some nice shops – not many big names but interesting shops.

Our bus ride home was a bit like a roller coaster – I had to shut my eyes a few times.  I don’t think I will ever understand how anyone can be a bus driver!  Back at Mary H we got underway as we needed to get water and empty our loo cassettes.  It wasn’t far along the canal thank goodness and we pulled over for the night a short way afterwards. 

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