I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Tuesday 25th September

clip_image002Well it poured all day but not to the extent as we both expected it to.  It was also less windy that anticipated.  So did we do the right thing battling on yesterday?  Who knows!! 

We didn’t wake up until 9am which is very unusual but I had a bad night which probably affected Richard too – still we had nothing to get up for!

Gradually through the day another 3 boats joined us waiting for the off tomorrow.  Under normal circumstances I guess we would all be out chatting but not today.

I made a very large chilli ready for dinner for 9 people tomorrow night and a big pan of soup to warm us up tomorrow as we descend into Liverpool.

clip_image004I don’t think I have told you why we are going to Liverpool.  Well, to be honest, we always were going but we now have a good reason.  My mother is 90 next month and as she was born and brought up in Liverpool we are taking her back to her roots for three days.  Penny and Jim will be staying in the Jury’s Inn with Mother and Step-father Richard along with my mother’s sister and her husband.  Victoria is driving Mother and Richard up tomorrow and she will be staying on the boat with us.  Looking at Google Earth we should be able to wave to the hotel from the boat J  My Mother was a Wren in the war and worked in the docks – it is also where she met my father who was also in the Navy.  We haven’t got much of an itinerary planned except for dinners!  Tomorrow everyone is coming on board Mary H for chilli – it should be interesting with 9 people trying to eat!  Penny is bringing more crockery and cutlery as we only have enough for 4!  For some reason we seem to have plenty of glasses!

For today’s photos I’ve decided to put on a couple of boats that took my fancy over the summer!

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