I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Monday 1st April

We had a bad night with Muffin – he was up two or three times and didn’t seem to want to sleep in his bed.  We had left him on the boat whilst we had gone to the Barbridge Inn and I think he had slept off all his tiredness – it looks as if we will be eating on board from now on L

Barbridge Junction
There was a really nasty cold wind this morning and no sun which was a great shame as we were joined for the day by my cousin Sue.  If we had been on our own I think I would have thrown a wobbly about moving on!  In the end we battled against the wind up with Middlewich Branch to Aqueduct Marina where we had lunch in the Galley.  Going back to Barbridge wasn’t as bad and by the time we got to the junction the sun had come out but Sue had to go so missed the best part of the day!

I let Muffin off his rope at the locks today and he was fine though my heart was in my mouth as he ran across the lock gates but worse was when he looked down into the locks (deep ones at that) to look at Richard on the boat!  My sister assures me that their dog has never fallen in at a lock only off the bank!

The new cratch
I said yesterday that we have a new cratch.  For you traditionalists out there you will probably tut at us as we have gone modern.  We didn’t like our old cratch at all and used to take it off in the summer as we found it very restricting.  Last year we left it on – thank goodness – and found it very useful but still restricting so decided to look around and see what would suit us.  So along with Mark from Advanced Marine Services we designed what we wanted and are very pleased with it.  Richard wanted the front to roll up so he could get easy access to the gas locker and I wanted more room, so along with those and sides that open right up to the top we are delighted with it.  Mark has also made some seats to go on the taff rail but those are yet to be put in place.  I think I am going to ask Mark to make some cushions for the cratch too.

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