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Thursday 13 June 2013

Cartwright Bridge (23), Middlewich Branch - Wednesday 12th June

We arrived back on Mary H on Monday afternoon but decided to stay in the marina for the night as it was quite late by the time we got ourselves organised.

Yesterday morning we were about to leave when I discovered that my laptop wasn't working.  I had had problems last week when we were home but I thought my local repairer had sorted it.  The marina office recommended a place in Nantwich so we headed into town and left the laptop.  We had thought it would take a day or so but we got a call mid afternoon to say it was ready so we quickly went and collected it.  On our return to Swanley we decided to fuel up and head off down to the Hurleston flight.

Leaving the Llangollen Canal
We were very fortunate in that there were boats coming up each of the Hurlseton locks so we got down in record time. We turned left onto the Shroppie and made our way to Barbridge, stopping just short of the Old Barbridge Inn!  We took the opportunity of a nice evening and mooring place to plant out the geraniums and ageratum which we had brought up from home.  Muffin thought it was great fun running up and down the towpath with a plastic plant pot in his mouth!  Along with the plants I planted out on the Monty, our roof garden is now complete.

We sat on the back deck and had a drink in the evening sunshine then decided to go to the pub for a meal.  Now we have Muffin we either have to leave him behind or sit outside so, even though it was a little chilly, we sat outside.  I had fish and chips and have never seen such a large piece of fish - even the waitress said it was a whale!  I was totally beaten but my ever gallant husband finished it off for me!

Before we left our mooring this morning I went to turn on my laptop and had the same problem as yesterday.  I rang the engineer in Nantwich who said he would look online for a fix, so we headed off and onto the Middlewich Branch.  The weather wasn't as good as yesterday but still warm.  Muffin and I did two locks, again helped by boats coming up, then pulled over for lunch.  I did some online research myself on my "fan error" and came up with a bypass which means I can use the laptop for a short while before it gets too hot and I have to switch it off.  (I bought an iPad while I was at home never realising what a godsend it would be!).  The problem is still ongoing so watch this space!!

As we passed Aqueduct Marina we saw Penny and Jim's old boat, Cecilia.  I wondered, sadly, if it would be the last time we saw her :-(

We pulled over for the day just outside Middlewich - just in time as it started raining shortly after.

Swanley Bridge Marina to Stoke Hall Bridge (38) Shropshire Union and then on to Cartwright Bridge (23) Middlewich Branch
10.95 miles
6 locks
0 lift/swing bridges

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