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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Castlefield Quay - Tuesday 25th June

Today's trip out was to Salford Quays.  We are great BBC Breakfast Time watchers so I was keen to see where they had moved to after all the hoo ha when they left London. 

We took a number 33 bus from Liverpool Road and got off Langworthy Road and walked down to the Quays.  (The tram would have been much easier but unless we put Muffin in the rucksack we were banned).  We walked down to the Quays and could see the BBC buildings sticking up. 

Built by the Manchester Ship Canal Company, Salford Docks was the larger of two sections that made up Manchester Docks; the other being Pomona Docks to the east. They were opened in 1894 by Queen Victoria and spanned 120 acres of water and 1,000 acres of land. At their height the Manchester Docks were the third busiest port in Britain, but after containerisation and the limit placed on vessel size on the Manchester Ship Canal, the docks declined during the 1970s. They closed in 1982, resulting in the loss of 3000 jobs. It then became one of the first and largest urban regeneration projects in the United Kingdom. Nowadays you can find not only Media City UK but also The Lowry, Imperial War Museum North and the Lowry Outlet Mall. Some of the first developments in Salford Quays were residential, initial builds consisting of traditional low-rise flats and town houses in Grain Wharf and Merchants Quay. As the area prospered, more high-rise buildings were constructed to increase housing density on the limited pier space. A watersports centre opened in 2001 in a closed off area providing a range of watersports and outdoor activities.

We had lunch at a Chinese buffet where we were able to sit outside with Muffin.  It was very good and not expensive.

We wandered to Ontario Basin where the watersports are based and then back to the bus stop and then to Mary H.

As we walked back to the boat we noticed Magic, a boat I have been chatting to on Facebook.  We also met them, briefly, at the locks at the top of the Montgomery Canal.  We knocked on the boat and met Mimi and Richard properly - they invited us onto their boat for a cuppa which was great as were parched and exhausted!  It was really nice to meet them.

The following photos were all taken at Salford Quays.

Booths supermarket in an interesting building
The Northern Imperial War Museum
Lowry Footbridge
The Lowry
Salford Quays Millenium Bridge
91 metre vertical lift bridge
Lowry Bridge from the Millenium Bridge
Media City
An interesting office building
Me being artistic
Ontario Basin
Victoria Harbour Building and Mariner's Canal
An interesting anchor

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