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Monday 17 June 2013

Up to Winsford and back to Northwich - Sunday 16th June

We were expecting a visitor today so it was a quick dose of housework to make the place spick and span! My cousin, Sue, arrived about midday and we set off up stream.  We had lunch underway, something which Richard doesn't like doing as a rule!  We passed through Hunt's and Vale Royal locks and up into Winsford Flash.  There is a big sign saying that you go in there at your own risk as it silts up but we braved it!  It was lovely in there, nice and wide and very pretty - it would have been nice to have gone further but we weren't that brave.  We went back down stream and tied up just above Vale Royal lock for a cuppa and then headed back to Northwich.

Winsford Flash
Leaving Winsford Flash
As Muffin hadn't really been ashore, other than to play with his friend Izzy who lives in the flats next to us, we took him for a walk.  Richard thought that we could walk through the town and along the river towards Anderton but all we found were car parks - none of us had ever seen so many car parks all together!  But then we made a great find - Carey Park which is part of the huge Northwich Woodlands.  We had a lovely circular walk round there and even found a seat overlooking the river. Muffin, however, had an even better walk as he found some fox poo to roll in :-(
On our return to the boat Sue left us, don't blame her really as Muffin whiffed something awful! Muffin then had a shower - rolling in fox poo must be really lovely as he hates the shower.  After his shower and towelling off he went berserk in the boat running up and down and leaping up the back steps and off again.  Suddenly there was a loud whimper - he must have leapt down the steps and landed badly.  He limped off and lay on the sofa and stayed there all evening but was fine by bedtime - walking quite normally again.
When we were last in Northwich in October 2011 there was a derelict floating hotel which was a real eyesore.  This visit it has been demolished and a new Waitrose store is being built (which will be opened in December this year) along with 58 "extra care" retirement homes from McCathry and Stone, a 4,400 sq ft leisure unit and a 40-berth marina and improved public access to the waterside. The site has previously been not only a hotel but a Regal Cinema. 
Architects view of the new Nantwich complex

Northwich to Winsford Flash and back to Northwich
12.76 miles
4 locks
0 lift/swing bridges

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