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Monday 2 September 2013

Castle Gardens, Leicester (River Soar) – Sunday 1st September

It’s the first day of September and this morning we knew it!  We will be putting the winter duvet back on tonight.

Birstall Lock
We set off for Leicester with Ferndale – it was really nice to cruise in company again and to share locks. 

We passed the Space Centre – it really does look as if it is inflatable but is in fact clad in high-tech ETFE “pillows” and was built in 1996.
The Space Centre
The last time we came along this way was in April 2010 and was the first part of our summer continuous cruising though we had to go home afterwards and wait until Richard retired at the end of May!  The canal seems to be a lot cleaner now and last time we counted 26 footballs in the water but we only saw 2 today.  You can see the bottom these days and everywhere looks a lot less polluted.

North Lock
I wrote the above as we approached Castle Gardens in Leicester but from then on it was all downhill.  I had been feeling a little sick during the morning but just after we moored up at about 11.30 am I thought I was going to be sick and that’s how it stayed until 4.30 pm when I was finally sick.  I had really bad griping pains in my tummy and a tight band round my head.  After being sick the tummy pains lessened but the head was still thumping and I stayed in bed for the rest of the day L

Richard took the opportunity to polish one side of the boat with his new acquisition, Canuba Wax.  Along with his Christmas present of a 12 volt polisher Mary H looks nice and shiny again.

(The last two paragraphs were written on Tuesday morning)

Below Thurmaston Lock to Castle Gardens Leicester
4.82 miles
5 locks

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