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Thursday 3 April 2014


I thought I would add a quick update as to what we have been doing since we left the good ship Mary H at Barby Moorings at the end of September.

We started the winter with a lovely holiday to Cyprus and are now finishing the same winter back in Cyprus!  Our first visit was for my niece's wedding but we didn't seem to have time to really enjoy the country so decided we would come back another time - but perhaps in a couple of years or so.

On our return home we thought that we would test the property market as we had ideas about moving house.  We had, at the time, an acre of garden which isn't really conducive to spending the summer on the canals.  The estate agent said go for it, we can sell your house easily.  Hmm we thought but, true to his word, the house was sold on the first weekend and for well over the asking price!  Our buyers were in rented accommodation so we thought we ought to get our skates on and find somewhere to buy.  Our plan was to move to Hayling Island where I had lived before meeting Richard so the day after accepting the offer on our house we set off and found a house we both liked and which was empty!  We made an offer which was duly accepted.

The next stage was to clear out.  Richard had lived in the house for 15 years and had a 60 foot by 20 foot shed where all sorts of things had been dumped not only by us but by our 7 children! The trips to the tip and the post office with eBay sales were numerous (we made over £2500 on eBay!). 

All too soon January 28th - moving day - arrived and we were off to the coast and our new home.  This was to be OUR new home and not Richard's house that had I moved into.  Moving day went well but before we unpacked the builders moved in to knock two bedrooms into one and extend the en-suite and also redo the kitchen and utility room.  Six weeks later we said goodbye to our new best friends and started to get the house how we liked it - and how we like it :-)  

So here we are soaking up some sunshine and getting some R & R after a very hectic winter.  I'm trying to relax and not think of home but we sat last night with Canal Planner open planning our summer!! We will be returning to Mary H on April 22nd and setting off towards Warwick on the 23rd.  Our big adventure for this year is going down the tidal Severn into Bristol - all being well!!

I've been catching up on all the blogs and hope to catch up with some fellow bloggers this summer.  I'll be back in a few weeks time!

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  1. You are not far from us now, we are on the next spit of land at Selsey, hope to meet you on the cut sometime this year. Ho[e you are settling in well on Hayling.