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Wednesday 14 May 2014

Gloucester Docks (Gloucester and Sharpness Canal) – Tuesday 13th May

Richard was a happy bunny this morning as when we went to bed last night the voltage was 12.5 and this morning at 7.45am it was 13!  We have to leave our inverter on all night as I have sleep apnoea and use a sleep machine so this is a very unusual but it was a bright sunny morning so the solar panels were doing their work :-)
A cold wet Muffin after his bath
I went out bright and early to do a bit of shopping while Richard took Muffin for a walk round the Severn Ham which is about 2¼ miles.  Muffin came back soaking wet – not from falling in the water but from the long grass as it rained during the night.  He also rolled in something unmentionable and had to have a shower when he got back.  I met Richard as they crossed the footbridge over the Avon and we walked back together.  As I went down into the boat I slipped on one of the steps and went crashing down into the boat.  My left foot went down and my right knee got bent under me.  It was very painful :-(

Our mooring in Tewkesbury
The Tewkesbury Lock Keeper had told us that the best time to go was 12.30 so we locked out and headed off to Lode Lock where we met up with Morialta II.  After leaving the lock the heavens opened so Muffin and I shut ourselves down below.  What is it with rivers and rain – it always seems to be the same!  I had Navvygator on and we were averaging over 7.5mph.  By the time we arrived at Gloucester the sun was shining.  One good thing  has come out of the rain though, Richard was very jealous of Marialta’s pram cover so guess what – we are going to get one now :-)

Richard took Muffin for another long walk while I sat with my foot up – it is very painful and I’m just so glad that we are lock-free for quite a while.

Muffin was absolutely shattered this evening.  He couldn’t even get up for his dinner and slept soundly all evening.  When we got up to go to bed at 10pm he got up, ate his dinner and then flopped back down on his bed.
Fosters at night
.... and in the morning
Lock Warehouse at night
..... and again in the morning
It was lovely in the dock at night with all the old warehouses lit up.  Things have changed so much in there since I first came in 2007.

Avon Lock to Gloucester Docks
13.32 Miles
3 Locks

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