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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Boca Raton - Friday 22nd May

We had to pack up this morning and leave lovely Key West.  I had been to the Island before with M & E in 1997 and promised myself that I would return one day with someone special - well I have now done it with my very special Mr. Special 😍. 

We drove to Miami Beach to see Nick and his lovely family again.  We went for a walk onto the beach then along the boardwalk - sadly we didn't have time to go on Ocean Drive.  I had to at least dip my toes into the water but ended up very sandy.  I was just showering them off when Maggie shouted that there was a snake behind me - I haven't moved so fast in years!

As we walked along the boardwalk we realised we were following a man wearing very little!  We couldn't believe our eyes!

On our way back to Nick's apartment I took a few photos of Miami architecture.

After eating pizza and cream pies we drove home and collapsed into bed.

Thursday - Richard's birthday
For his birthday I decided to feed Richard to the alligators but it didn't work!  Eddie drove us to an airboat and we had almost an hour of a great airboat ride round the Everglades.  We were fortunate to see four alligators, one turtle and a heron eating a huge fish which seemed to take for ever to go down his throat!  Our guide, Dan, was from North Dakota and was very knowledgable about the Everglades and it's vegetation.  It was very hot but lovely and cool as we whizzed along.  We were quite an international boat with two Germans, two Canadians and us three Brits.

For lunch we went to IHOP (International House of Pancakes). The standard portion of pancakes is five piled one on top the other - crazy!  Victoria couldn't eat all hers but I chose a combo which only had two pancakes - lovely they were too 😃

We had a pool party in the afternoon and Eddie got out all the pool toys - it was fun!

During the afternoon Maggie's new patio furniture arrived so we decided to christen it and toast the birthday boy too.

It was then on to Pompano Beach to one of my favourite restaurants - Houstons.  Each time I have been to Florida we have gone.  It is right on the water's edge and there are tables outside but we chose to sit inside where it was cooler.  My hickory burger isn't on the menu anymore but they made me one all the same - and I had to have a salad just to have their wonderful honey and mustard dressing.

It was back southwards again this morning to Fort Lauderdale to go on the Jungle Queen paddle steamer.  I hadn't done this before and we all thought it was wonderful.  The houses and yachts are to die for - I just can't imagine having £8m just to buy a boat!  I'm sorry if the photos below bore you but I just have to put them on!

And those are just a few!

On our way home Victoria and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond - a great shop where you can get things I've never seen anywhere else.

The afternoon was spent washing and packing for Part 2 of our holiday and watching a thunderstorm!  A rather boozy evening followed with us trying to make plans but nothing seemed to come to fruition !

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