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Friday 15 May 2015

Boca Raton - Saturday 16th May

We arrived safely at Miami Airport though it took us an hour and twenty minutes to get from the plane to meet Richard (from now on I will call him Eddie to save confusion!)

It was lovely to see both Maggie and Eddie again though it hasn't been too long since they were in the UK but I haven't been out to Florida for eleven years.  Not much has changed though they have worked very hard on the house and it is lovely.

We managed to keep going till 10pm US time after we had been going for 19 hours and then we all slept really well till 7.30am.

I must add here that on this part of our trip we are joined by my daughter Victoria who flew out with us.  Maggie is her Godmother.

We spent ages at the AT&T shop getting my US SIM card working - but I now have a US phone.  Thanks to my phone provider 3 I can use my UK phone here to phone or text home using my allowance - no extra charge! It's brilliant 😀

Late afternoon we all headed down to Miami Beach to meet up with Maggie's son, Nick, his wife Mandy and their gorgeous three year old Lily.  Maggie and I met in hospital after having our sons and both boys have stayed firm friends ever since.  We went to a sort of sports bar called Yard House for a very nice meal, they had about 150 beers on tap - Richard was in heaven!  I managed to stay awake on the drive home but gave in at 10pm.

                                                             Yard House - Miami Beach

Friday morning was a quiet one - catching up withe emails and blogs.  At lunchtime we headed to Bocaire Country Club where Maggies works as Assistant General Manager.  She showed us round and we met some of the residents who obviously really appreciate her as they had some lovely things to say about her.  We had a lovely lunch - Richard and I had freshly cooked omelette from the omelette station.

                                                                 Bocaire Country Club

After lunch Eddie drove us up the coast where we oohed and aaaahed over some $1million houses with either ocean views or intra coastal ones.  We stopped and had a paddle in the Atlantic - I reckon the water was about 30 degrees Celsius.

As we had had such a large lunch no one was hungry so we sat round the pool drinking sparkling wine and put the world to rights!

Maggie and Eddie went food shopping bright and early on Saturday while I swam and the others read.  In the afternoon Maggie, Victoria and I went shopping to try and get me a sun dress as I have left my three in the wardrobe at home - don't ask I just forgot them 😢. I was unlucky but maybe I will be able to get one in Key West while we are there. 

Eddie made a great paella for dinner to which we added shrimp or flippin' big prawns!  Eddie and Maggie are vegans most of the time (!) though Eddie will eat fish and Maggie has to eat cheese sometimes when she is out or she will starve.

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