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Friday, 12 June 2015

New York - Thursday 11th June

We have been so busy here in New York that I haven't had time to write the blog so I thought I would publish Thursday's as I  had already done it.  If I don't manage to write anymore before we leave I will write it on the plane on Monday night and publish it when we get home.

Fortunately Richard woke up at just gone 7am as somehow I hadn't set the alarm!  As we had already taken the large suitcases it didn't take long to finish the packing.  We were out of the apartment by 8.45am and walking down to Union Station for the last time.  We had decided to have breakfast there and chose the Centre Cafe as it had white table cloths!  We had a very nice meal and then went to wait for our train.  Unlike the UK we were held in a "pen" and then called through - families, business class and seniors.  We made a dash for it - there have to be some perks about getting old!  The train was busy so I was glad we were able to get on early.  The seats weren't as comfortable as business class nor was the legroom as good but it was better than I had expected.  I wrote yesterday's blog post and it took me ages - we had had such a busy day yesterday.  The journey was 3 hours and 10 stops but it was soon over.

As we approached New York we could see the skyscrapers beginning to loom out of the mist - it was amazing.  As we got out of the train the heat hit us - we knew it was going to be hot but it was still a shock.  We were reunited with the large suitcases (phew) and then took a taxi to the apartment.  Obviously we had seen photos of the view from our 32nd floor window but it still took our breath away.  The apartment was hot so we put the AC on and waited until it cooled down and then unpacked.  We had had our first mishap.  Maggie had recommended some Neutrogena spray on sun tan lotion which had been fantastic while we were in Washington - it's nice and light and just soaks in.  However I had put it in one of the small cases without its lid on and it had expelled itself!  Fortunately not too much damage was done - just a damp but nice smelling case but I had out the case on a chair with a white cover and the purple from the case has stained the chair :-(  We will have to try and find a cleaner tomorrow.

After unpacking we walked eastwards - having gone downstairs first of course - to the Hudson River.  It was so hot - it reminded me of Saudi Arabia!  Even the locals have said that it has been hot today.  We stopped for a quick drink by the harbour and then walked back into the city to have dinner passing by an old aircraft carrier which has been turned into a museum. Our Apple Greeter (more about her tomorrow) had recommended a few restaurants and we chose to eat Thai and very good it was too.  We are very close to Broadway and the theatres so the place was buzzing as we walked back to the apartment.

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