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Thursday 16 July 2015

Boveney Lock (River Thames) – Wednesday 15th July

We had a disaster this morning.  I think I had been slightly over zealous with filling the freezer :-(  I got up in the night and could hear the freezer running and thought to myself that it was noisy and how were visitors going to sleep through it.  Anyway this morning Richard discovered that the door was open due to the amount of food in there and not only had the poor motor been running all night but the food was ruined and the boat batteries were right down.  We had to dump all the food and defrost the freezer – I was so cross with myself.

We had to stop in Staines on Thames (it was never called that when I lived this way) and I walked over to Sainsburys and bought more food to stock up the freezer but not quite as much as before!

We had planned to stop at Runneymede but because of our unscheduled stop in Staines we had to forgo it.  Up through Bell Weir, Old Windsor and Romney Locks all of which were on self service.  Everyone was very organised and we managed to fill the locks, boatwise, like pros!

Windsor was very quiet with lots of moorings available, especially on the Eton side but that could have had something to do with the fun fair being there!  However the bank has been straightened out so there is a lot more mooring available.  I’m not sure it they have dredged it though.  Last year when we came through the Eton boat houses were undergoing building work and it is now finished and looking very nice now (and, I bet, expensive).

We went through Boveney Lock with a lock keeper on duty!  I thought we were going to be the only people in the lock but we were joined by six ducks – of course I didn’t have my camera up at the front.

All the decent moorings above Boveney Lock were taken but we squeezed in between two trees with the stern against a clear bit of bank.  It was fine for us and Muffin loved it as he had his oven private paddling pool!  He doesn’t swim unless he has to, he much prefers paddling and made good use of his pool – in and out all evening.

11.84 miles

5 locks

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