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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Ufton Swing Bridge (Kennet & Avon Canal) – Monday 5th October

Guess what?  We woke to rain!!  It wasn’t that heavy just constant light rain.  We managed to get away just after 9am all dressed in our waterproofs except the dog – I forgot about him!

Our first lock was Garston Lock (turfsided) and I found a half eaten dead deer by the top gates.  I guess it had fallen into the canal and someone had fished it out but the smell around the gate was not pleasant.

Photo of Garston Lock borrowed from the internet
I did the electric bridge by Sheffield Lock.  All went well until I tried to close it and it just wouldn’t close right back.  I kept trying and so did Richard.  I phoned C&RT but there was no reply from the local office.  Suddenly Richard managed to shut it and the barriers opened and lots of cars went through – one girl opened her window and yelled some profanity at me but I didn’t hear what it was!
2010 - after my falling in at Ufton Swing Bridge
Our next problem was Ufton swing bridge.  Now some of you may remember this is where I fell in back in back in 2010.  Then in 2011 the bridge broke down for a couple of hours and we were stuck.  Well it happened again today.  We arrived to two hire boats tied up on our side of the bridge and another hire boat the other side.  A C&RT man eventually turned up, pressed a few buttons and said that he couldn’t do it and that someone else would come out.  The two hire boats that we were tied up to where being taken back to Aldermaston from a one way hire and were due out in the afternoon which obviously wasn’t going to happen.

2011 - the last time we got stuck at Garston Lock
Three more men turned up at Ufton about an hour later and declared that they needed a new part which would have to come from Leicester TOMORROW!  So we were stuck between two boats on one side and another on the other side so Richard reversed the boat down the canal (well we are actually on the River Kennet) and we are now moored on a sheep field. 

The rain got worse in the afternoon so we didn’t poke our noses outside again!

One good thing about the swing bridges on the K & A is that because of them there are no low bridges going over the canal which means that we have been able to have the pram hood all day keeping us much drier.

I'm afraid it was too wet to take any photos today.

3.60 miles
4 locks
3 swing bridges

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