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Monday 21 May 2018

Brittany - May 2018 (Part two)

Monday 14th May

Monday saw us out early, 10am is early for us, but we wanted to go to Concarneau, not only to see the town but also the market which packed up at lunch time.  It was a glorious day and while Penny and I scoured the market, Richard and Jim sat drinking coffee in the sunshine.  I bought a top and Penny and top and crops.

We then wandered into the old town and stopped for some lunch.  Jim was not feeling well and didn’t eat and when we had finished eating he said that he was going to the car as he felt far from well.  Penny went back with him and I know she was very worried as Jim had a serious stroke back at the beginning of November.  Richard and I had a quick look round the old town before returning to the car.

When we got back to the car Jim had had a short sleep and was feeling a little better so we headed off up the coast to a scenic view point.  Jim stayed in the car while the rest of us, the dogs of course were with us, walked through a lovely wood while Jim had another sleep. All the wood needed was some bluebells and it would have been perfect.  It was a long walk to the view point and it was nice but I have seen better!

From Concarneau we headed home for a well earned cup of tea before Penny and I ventured out to the supermarket.  We couldnt decide what to get for dinner and ended up buying the makings of a BBQ.  Richard cooked some very nice paprika flavoured pork and turkey kebabs while Penny and I made the salads.  This was all rounded off by strawberries and sqiuirty cream - why don’t the French have proper cream?

If you are very observant you will see a box of tissues on the ground. I’ve been suffering with a rotten cold and a hacking cough and not feeling the brightest 🙁.  I don’t often get ill and have had a bad tummy and now a cold in about 10 days.

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