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Monday 24 September 2018

Western Mediterranean Cruise - Dinner on Day 5 and Day 6 - Sea Day

Day 5 - Dinner

I said yesterday that I would tell you about our dinner last night.  Silhouette has a restaurant called the Lawn Club Grill and we got talked into going to dinner there and we are very glad we were!  When we went in we were the only people but by the time we left it was pretty full.  The staff made us so welcome and were really friendly.  

The menu is not extensive and everything is cooked on the grill.  The starter is a large flatbread topped with whatever is your choice and there is a salad bar too.  For our mains we all chose steaks, Richard, Jim and I had 12oz rib eyes and Penny had a filet minion.  I reckon my steak was probably one if the best I have ever had.

The restaurant itself is on the top deck and one of Silhouette’s features is it’s lawn on this deck.  Here are a few photos I took of the Lawn Club.

You may have noticed in these photos the back drop of Gibraltar and that’s what made our evening extra special as we were able to eat and watch a terrific sail-away.  P & O’s Ventura left just before we did so she is in some of the next photos of us leaving Gibraltar.

All in all it was a pretty amazing evening.

Day 6

Richard likes to put the TV on in the morning to see where we are but this morning there was nothing just a computer type of message saying that we couldn’t find a gps signal - he was convinced we were being hijacked!!

We went to breakfast on our own as Penny and Jim weren’t up!  We then spent the morning on our balcony - Richard reading and me catching up on the blog.  We both love watching water and are quite happy to sit and watch the waves.  At one point while I was resting from writing (!) I saw two dolphins swimming alongside the ship and leaping into the air - sadly Richard couldn’t find them - it is difficult to find small things in the water as we are travelling at about 20 knots.

We took a break from doing practically nothing and went for lunch - tough eh??!! We returned to our balcony and saw lots of dolphins - they seen to try and race the ship but we always win!

Would you believe that during the afternoon we had another medivac?  We could see the helicopter hovering but the hump of the ship was in the way to get a proper photo.  We couldn’t really believe that we have had two medivacs and it’s only Day 6.

Penny and I had both bought two bottles of sparkling wine with us - oh sorry Penny’s was champagne so we opened it and sat on our balconies and drank it.  We have had the glass partition between the balconies opened up and it’s much more friendly!

We ate in the main dining room and then went up to the Sky Lounge for our bedtime Baileys and to listen to the music.

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