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Tuesday 28 February 2023

Spain 2023 - February 23rd to 25th

Thursday 23rd February

The third nice day in a row.  I say that as the forecast for tomorrow is rain.

Housework day, well morning.  When I was out on the balcony I could hear water running and looked over onto the road.  Water was running in a near torrent down the hill.  I called to Richard but he had already seen it (why hadn’t he told me??) and said it was coming from the road above our road, the one that Casa Cristonia, where we stayed in 2020, was.  I had visions of their swimming pool leaking, but it was much more than a leak.  It went on for a about 2 hours.  While we were having lunch an official looking car went up the hill and back down again, followed by a Police car a few minutes later.  What a waste of water. 

I managed to catch up some blog reading.  Some boating friends are in New Zealand in a camper van and, as we are doing the same next year, I have been really interested in Irene’s posts, but had got very behind.

Richard and I took Muffin down to the beach late afternoon.  Muffin loves this walk as Richard uses the ball thrower and Muffin just goes berserk.  He barks like mad which we try to make him stop, but he is just so excited that he can’t help himself – Muffin that is! 

The Spanish Air Force had been out making “lazy circles in the sky”.  If you are a fan of Oklahoma, then you will know those words!

Just before we left the beach Muffin decided to roll in the sand, he had also been in the sea so ended up very sandy.  He had to have a good hose off when he got home. 

Friday 24th February

I won’t say a grey day, well maybe a light grey day.  The forecast had been for showers, so we weren’t surprised.

We drove up to Turre to the market.  I wanted to get a another sweat shirt/hoodie but couldn’t find a grey one which is what I wanted.  I did, however, get a poncho style top which will hopefully keep me warm in the evenings.  It was €6 (£5.30)  We met up with Sue and Andy and had a cup of coffee before heading back home.

Neither Richard nor I felt particularly well in the afternoon.  Richard has caught my cough/snotty nose and was feeling sorry for himself.  I had felt better yesterday but grotty today.  The grey weather after the sunshine probably didn’t help.

We took Muffin down to the Paseo and walked along a little bit but, since getting the cough, I get quite breathless, so we didn’t walk far and sat on a bench like an elderly couple – oh wait, we are an elderly couple

A lot of the trees and shrubs look dead.  I don’t what has happened, but it is sad.  My favourite bushes with pink and yellow flowers have hardly any flowers on.  This was taken a couple of years ago, but this year there are only one or two flowers. 

However, this shrub seems to have survived, but the blossom isn’t as prolific as usual.

I sat out in the afternoon as the sun did come out for about an hour, but it wasn’t very warm at all.

Saturday 25th February

We had a visitor this morning.  Phil (as in Liz and Phil) popped round for coffee.  Liz is in the UK at present with her daughter who has just had a baby.  She will be home before we leave Mojacar so will catch up with her then.  It was lovely to see Phil and he will be back next week.

In the afternoon we went to the supermarket.  Sue and Andy had said that they were now using the Mercadona at Vera, so we gave it a try.  It’s a nice modern shop but it “did my head in”!!  For some reason I could get the layout into my head.  Were we going south or north or maybe it was east or west?!  I think that if we are going that far we will go to Consum at Vera Playa instead.

When we left the supermarket, we took a right turn and ended up going to Puerto Rey, or at least I think it was Puerto Rey!  The trouble is that so many places are on the beach and then the urbanisation build more houses inland and call it the same name.  I wish we had gone further west and into the mountains, but we will do that another day.

I felt really rough when we got home and just flopped.  I didn’t want anything to eat or drink though did have a piece of toast later on.  This cough/snotty nose is really taking a lot out of me

I “borrowed” this photo off Facebook.  We have had a few of these skies recently.

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