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Thursday 9 March 2023

Spain 2023 - March 4th to 6th

Saturday 4th March

We should have had the third of our big arrivals today, but of course Ingrid and Bob aren’t coming.  It is so sad, but we are very relieved that all this didn’t blow up while they were here.

We were joined for lunch but three gorrións (sparrows).  They are really cheeky and quite often sit on the back of the chairs and sometimes they actually come on the table, well if encouraged!

I was taking a photo of this one sitting on the back of a chair when it took off and I managed to get it in flight!

We went to the supermarket, Consum in Vera.  It’s my favourite supermarket - isn’t it sad to have a favourite supermarket??!!  It’s a nice modern shop and is usually well stocked.

I really struggled with things today.  I had been so looking forward to our guests coming and the situation put me into a slight downward spiral.  I get like this from time to time, it will go away in a day or two.

Sunday 5th March

We had booked Sunday lunch at Badgers for the four of us, so instead of cancelling it completely we still went.  I had beef and it was lovely.  Badgers was quiet, I’ve no idea why.  There were only a few of us having Sunday lunch. 

We decided to forgo pudding!  Why? Because the ice-cream place is open again now!  It doesn’t open until 2pm so we had to sit and wait for a while.  Not a bad view for our wait though.

We walked across to the ice-cream place, Gelateria Italiana Alberto.  We were the first but were soon joined by lots of other Brits!! 

While we were sitting waiting for the ice-cream place to open, I realised that I had just had a nice Sunday lunch and was sitting in the sunshine looking at the sea and waiting for ice cream parlour to open for pudding. However, I still felt flat and down which made me feel like a bad and ungrateful person.  I wish this downward spiral would stop and go away.

Back at the villa I actually had a sleep which is unusual for me.

Monday 6th March

I had a bad night’s sleep, that’s what comes of sleeping during the day.

We needed to go to the pet shop as Muffin was running out of food.  The shop is run by a Spanish couple who only speak a little English.  They also run the shop the Spanish way by closing for a siesta in the afternoon – we are always getting caught out by that.

Our second port of call was the Ferreteria or hardware shop.  It is the most amazing place with so many different things.  We have a hardware shop on Hayling Island which sells lots of different things but this is just a maze of, well, everything you could ever want!  I wanted a gin glass!  The tumblers in the villa are pretty utilitarian and I just wanted something nice to drink my daily prescription of gin out of.  I found a pack of two which cost €3.40 (£3.00).

It was a lovely afternoon so we both lay out and read our books.

I said the other day that I couldn’t find a photo of the Andalusia Day paella?  I found one today.

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