I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Sunday 17 July 2011

Saturday 16th July

The threatened rain came in about 6.30am and continued till about 1pm. I’m afraid we didn’t get up very early – what was the point?? Richard did a cooked breakfast and then we did a few jobs around the boat. I wanted to put some Velcro on the window over the bed as Richard seems to manage to open the curtains when he turns over! In Banbury there was a light that kept shining in on me so I kept shutting the curtains only to find they were open again! Anyway it is done now so I can rest easy tonight!! Once the rain stopped we set off and had three locks to do then the five of the Claydon Flight. The first three were all against us but the flight were all with us – it does make life easier! We are now at the top of the Oxford Canal and its windy! We had to take the new geraniums off the roof as they were getting very blown and I could just see them being blown out of their pots! Just after Claydon Top Lock I received a Facebook post from Julie Cozze-Young who was my Adecco manager when I worked for IBM/Lenovo. She asked me if we had just gone through Claydon locks as she thought she had seen me!! I don’t usually look at the faces of walkers as one doesn’t really expect to see anyone you know. I didn’t notice her and her husband Tim, who was my IBM/Lenovo manager for a few years, and she said she looked up and saw me at the last minute. What a shame it would have been nice to have offered them a cup of tea and have a catch-up. We moored in a lovely spot where we had moored two years ago. There aren’t many places on the canal where you have a view but this is one of them. Richard and I went for a walk in the evening closely followed by Millie! At one stage she bounded ahead just like a small dog – it was so funny.

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