I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Monday 12 September 2011

Sunday 11th September

We were woken up by a cat howling – thank goodness if was 7.30am and no earlier! We saw a lovely ginger cat last night while we were picking blackberries so I wasn’t too surprised, however when I got out of bed I expected to see Millie howling through the cat flap at it but no the cat was in our boat as bold as brass!! Millie was hiding under a chair - she really is a wimp at times! They chased each other up and down the boat a couple of times while we tried to catch the ginger cat and eventually Richard opened the back doors and it ran out but not away – it sat calmly on the deck – I’m not sure if it thought it would come back for more. Millie jumped up on the bed and slowly calmed down but she is minus some fur which is all over the carpet – of course there is NO ginger fur! We set off along the Gloucester and Sharpness with the wind behind us. I have a new gizmo this time – a GPS tracker which is attached to the laptop and I’m using software by Water Explorer called Navvygator. It tells us how fast we are going and will eventually tell us how far we have gone today. It also acts like a satnav giving distances and times to the next location. It’s still a learning curve so I will see how it works out. We stopped at Sainsburys to vittle up and then on into Gloucester Docks where we moored up. We went for a walk round the docks and the town and just made it back to Mary H before the heavens opened! The photo on the right was taken in Victoria Dock where there is a pontoon of residential berths – it looks really lovely but what a lot of watering though! We went out for a very nice meal – a buffet of Thai and Indian food which was nice for Richard as I can’t eat Indian but love Thai. We settled down for the night a little concerned (well I was anyway) about the weather that was coming in overnight.

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