I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Saturday 21 July 2012

Friday 20th July

Ha – the best laid plans and all that!  We woke up at 7am – well Millie woke us as my alarm was on silent – don’t ask!!  Richard got dressed and went ashore to be met by our fellow intrepid river boaters and the Lock Keeper.  The river was up by half a metre which wasn’t too much of a problem for us going up the river but apparently it meant that the moorings in York would be flooded.

clip_image002So what to do.  Richard got on with a couple of jobs he had to do – satellite TV to the bedroom and an extra shelf in the clothes cupboard.  Now don’t laugh but we took the bus to Goole in the afternoon – why Goole you are no doubt asking!!  Well I had wanted to take Mary H through Goole which meant going right through the docks and then up the River Ouse but Richard wasn’t up for it – can’t think why!!  I wanted to go and look at what we had missed.  We got on the bus and went upstairs and took the front seat – Richard said that we were like real senior citizens – I did mention that I am NOT a senior citizen!  We saw the docks in Goole and I am rather sad that we didn’t do it but then they were very quiet on a Friday afternoon it may have looked different at another time.  There is very little else at Goole except the docks – the shops are lousy however the nice man in Carphone Warehouse showed me how to solve a problem with my phone J  We got the bus back and were disappointed to see that another couple had taken the front seats upstairs – one on either seat – hmmm!

We went out to a very nice Thai restaurant in Selby in the evening – Thai Sunshine – it’s well worth a visit should you ever be in Selby!

clip_image004Another early night as we are hoping that we will get up the Ouse tomorrow.

I would like to introduce you to “Duck” who, I think, is a Muscovy.  He lives on the wall of the lock basin and doesn’t seem to move very far at all.  He isn’t afraid of people or, it seems, the odd car that drives passed.  This morning I saw him on the other side of the canal where it is shallow having a good wash and brush up but then he swam back to his place and there he stayed all day!

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