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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Monday 27th August

Lathom Junction - taken yesterday in the sunshine!
I was woken up at 4.30am by ducks pecking at the waterline weed on the boat.  I had to smile to myself as yesterday before we left Parbold Fiona (Epiphany) came passed as I was feeding the ducks from the boat.  The conversation went something like this
Fiona – “I don’t feed the ducks from the boat as it encourages them to peck at the boat.”
Me – “We are moving on so we will be OK!”
Fiona – “So they will peck at our boat then!!!”
I reckon that it was divine intervention that I should get woken up at the crack of dawn!

The forecast for today was not good at all, in fact it was awful.  However at 8.30am Richard decided that if we moved quickly we could get back into Burscough.  We went up to the next winding hole and turned round and headed back into town and tied up just as the rain started.  After lunch the rain cleared up again so walked to Tesco and then decided to move on through the first couple of locks on the Rufford Branch.  As we turned into the branch there was a boat going down the top lock.  The skipper said that he would pull over in the lower pound and wait for us which he did.  The rain then started and we were more than happy to pull over as planned BUT we discovered that the crew of the other boat (I can’t remember the name but it was Scottish) were very novice mature cruisers and we just didn’t have the heart to leave them to struggle on in the rain on their own.  They had to be back at Fettlers Marina in Rufford tonight so had to go for it.  We did six locks with them and then pulled over leaving them one to do on their own.  We were soaked but it is a nice feeling to have helped fellow boaters in their time of need!

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