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Sunday 18 August 2013

Fradley Visitors Moorings (Trent & Mersey Canal) – Saturday 17th August

I felt a little delicate this morning – not hung over you understand – just delicate!!!!

Fred phoned about 9am (we were still in bed drinking tea) to tell us that they were leaving as we had discussed last night about having their mooring.  However we had decided to move on to Alrewas anyway.
Down through three locks then we pulled over at the services for water.  There is a café beside the water point and the lure of bacon cooking was too much so when the water tank was full we moved across the canal, moored up and went back to the café for bacon sandwiches – it was lunchtime anyway! 

The forecast for the afternoon was rain so we decided to stay put for the rest of the day.
A rather strange duck family
We had a quiet afternoon.  The internet signal was pretty dire and I had to give up on mi-fi and connect direct.  Why bother you might say!  I have a funeral to go to in Cheltenham on Wednesday and Richard has one to go to in Cornwall the following Wednesday, so I wanted to try and work out logistics.  We finally worked it out but more of that at a later date.

Fradley Top Lock to Fradley Visitors Moorings
0.29 miles
3 locks

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  1. Those ducklings are growing fast! we saw them about a month ago. Glad to see she still has all four! We were feeding them in the mornings when we were at Fradley last month.