I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Sunday 8 September 2013

Clarkes Bridge (Grand Union – Leicester Line) – Friday 6th September

A wet morning but not as wet as we had anticipated.  We thought it would be pouring but in fact, even though there had been some rain overnight but it was just drizzle when we surfaced.

A soggy doggy wanting to come in
We had planned to have a rest day but as you know Richard doesn’t really do rest days!  He had planned on a few jobs around the boat which he did and I caught up on some emails and generally wasted time!

I did find out that Market Harborough is well known for the James and William Symington.  James married a stay maker and was an innovator of the liberty bodice.  William turned his talents to food production and his name became synonymous with pea soup and table cream.

Market Harborough Basin
The weather did seem to perk up a bit in the afternoon so Richard and I decided to move on back towards Foxton as we were moored under trees which had been a shady respite yesterday but today just seemed to make the day even darker.

We passed the bone factory which we recognised last time we passed by the smell but this time I didn’t smell a thing!

I did the ironing and had just finished when Richard pulled over in a very nice spot so we hammered in our pins and moored up for the night.

Market Harborough to Clarkes Bridge
4.51 miles
0 locks


  1. Ironing? What's that?
    Think there's an iron at the back of a drawer somewhere on Tacet, but I've not found it necessary to get it out these past 2 years!