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Thursday 24 April 2014

Barby Moorings - Wednesday April 23rd

We had hoped to get on our way today but, as usual, the best laid plans and all that.

Last night we drove over to Hartshill to meet up with Ray and Diane on Ferndale, you may remember we cruised with them for a couple of weeks last year.  Sadly they had to have their cockapoo (or sproodle as they are known in Australia) put down a few weeks ago and I can see that they are missing Banjo greatly.  However we had a good meal and a catch up at the Anchor and all too soon it was time to leave.  The Anchor is a dog friendly pub and later on in the evening the landlord said to let Muffin off his lead and play with his standard poodle.  It was funny watching Muffin running round and round the bar!  Ferndale is heading north this year and we are heading south but next year we will definitely catch up with them :-)

This morning we had to go and get all sorts of bits and pieces.  Our bedroom TV had packed up and we needed to get a new one.  We were going to go to Currys but I found that Midland Chandlers sell a small one that runs on both 12v and 240v and for not much more than the Currys one which is only 240v.  Also our TV splitter had given up the ghost and fortunately we found Venture Caravans only about 10 minutes away who had just what we wanted.  After all this we headed back to Rugby and to Homebase and Pets at Home (poor Muffin I had remembered his food but had forgotten all the nice bits and pieces!).  Back to the boat and after a lot of cursing and swearing from the bedroom I was heading back to Venture Caravans as the splitter was duff.  Back on Mary H the new splitter was fitted and we had TV again.  By this time it was 3pm and drizzling so we decided to stay put for the night.  It did give me a chance, however, to plant out my troughs and cauldrons - I just hope I don't lose the plants to the frost.

I have used Navvygator from Water Explorer for a few years but at the end of last year I just couldn't get it to work and in the end decided that the GPS had had it.  I bought a new one during the winter and got it all set up last night.  I went to bed a happy bunny!!

No photos today but I promise normal service will be resumed!

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