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Friday 18 April 2014

The great day has come!

The great day has come and we are on our way to Mary H :-)

The big thing this year is that we are now without Millie.  She and Muffin just could not see eye to eye and we took the big decision to re-home her at Christmas.  A work colleague of Victoria's was looking for a cat and when he met Millie he fell in love with her :-)  She is now an only cat living with a single man and is thoroughly spoilt!  Mark has lots of friends and Millie is a great favourite.  It was a very sad day when we took her to Southsea but I know it is for the best.  Last year Victoria was living at home so was able to look after Millie but this year she would have had to come with us and we were so worried it wouldn't work.  All it would take would be for Muffin to chase Millie and we might never see her again.  The good news is that we now have "rent-a-cat"!  Victoria's cat, Yoyo, comes to stay with us quite often and she and Muffin get on very well and love to play together.

I will not rename the blog - you will just have to mentally call it "and Muffin makes three"!  

So in honour of Millie, now enjoying her retirement from being a boater's cat, here are just a few photos of her enjoying her boating life

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  1. Well done you for being un-selfish and doing the best for the cat.