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Saturday 26 April 2014

Saltisford Arm (Grand Union) – Friday 25th April

We had decided to get to Warwick today as the forecast for tomorrow wasn’t good.  However just as we were preparing to set off we could hear rain on the roof.  Only a shower we thought (we had had no phone or internet access at the Blue Lias so were unable to check the weather forecast) but once we got into the land of technology again I could see that the front that should have been in on Saturday was early!  We made the decision to only go a short way and then stop for the day.  However when we got to Bascote locks we came across another boat that had overnighted in Long Itchington so we buddied up with them and continued to Tesco in Warwick.

We were both so wet (sorry I will rephrase that – the three of us were so wet!)  Poor Muffin was so cold he kept shivering but he was determined to do every lock and stay up on deck.  We had the heating on so I kept on putting a towel on a radiator and drying him off with a hot towel J  I had completely forgotten that last year I had bought a little red waterproof coat for him which he hadn’t need to use – I think he might be needing it this year. 

Nasty vicious dog
At one lock – I can’t remember which one as they were all cold and wet – we came across a rather nasty looking dog.  We shut Muffin inside and took our lives in our hands and went ashore to do the lock.  In fact the dog was a real softie – just noisy and when we left he put his head on one side and almost smiled at us!

Big softie dog
We stopped at Tesco and I went and did another load of shopping.  We had already had a Tesco order delivered to the boat on Wednesday morning.  Maggie and Richard II are vegetarians and almost vegan.  Richard II loves cooking so I am handing my galley over to him this week with reluctance and was sent a long shopping list – I’m not sure we will ever eat everything that is on board.  Richard II also loves good beer so we have been making the most of Tesco offer on bottled beer of 4 for £6.  I think we will be finding bottles of beer in cupboards for the rest of the summer as we will never remember where we stowed them all!

One tired cold dog
We were given the usual friendly greeting when we arrived at the Saltisford Arm and moored up to dry out.  Muffin was still cold and lay shivering on the sofa for some time even with the fire and the heating on – Richard put his sweatshirt over Muffin and he just snuggled up and went to sleep.

The Blue Lias to the Saltisford Arm
10.66 miles
14 locks

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