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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Claverton Pumping Station (Kennet and Avon Canal) – Saturday 24th May

We woke up to rain again though we knew that today was going to be pretty grotty.

Muffin couldn’t believe his luck last night as he slept on the sofa bed with Victoria – usually he is consigned to his bed on the floor.  He didn’t even come up on our bed in the morning!

Great Pulteney Street (photo borrowed from Google)
Richard wanted to get some new boots as both his pairs had bitten the dust so we walked into the City.  Our route took us along Great Pulteney Street which a magnificent Georgian road with imposing five storey terraced houses.  We noticed that some of them are even six storeys as the garden flat has a cellar which has been utilised into their accommodation.  We got Richard’s boots – I managed to convince him to buy a decent pair instead of getting the cheapest!  They are Goretex so I hope they last!  We also got Muffin yet another new harness as he had chewed through his last which we had only bought in Stratford-upon-Avon!

Garden flat garden - look at those hostas!
After lunch we decided to move on as the weather was clearing.  Richard decided to fill up with water but had to wait his turn – I think the chap before us was filling the Deep Lock he took so long!

We set off and then I discovered what all the fuss has been about with the liveaboards.  There are just lines of boats all the way out of the city – I’m not sure where they end as we pulled over at Claverton and there are still the odd one or two out here - 3¾ miles from Bath!

Bath Top Lock to Claverton Pumping Station
3.75 miles
0 lock
1 swing bridge

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