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Saturday 10 May 2014

Evesham Marina (River Avon) – Thursday 8th and Friday 9th May

Thursday - we had a lie in and listened to the rain beating down on the roof!  It seemed to take me most of the rest of the morning to get the blog up to date – I sometimes wonder why I do it! The afternoon was spent dashing around Evesham trying to get things done before the car went back.  I took the towels to the laundrette, then went and spent £30 on greetings cards – May is a heavy month for birthdays plus two anniversaries.  I seemed to be back and forward to the laundrette but ended up with nice clean, dry towels.  There was also a trip to Lidl and then it was time to take the car back.  We had had a Honda CRV which was very nice but I did find it difficult to get in and out of as the driver.

Friday – more washing today – where does it all come from?  Mind you I should say that as we had left the boat so abruptly in October there were things left on board that should have gone home so I have been playing a game of catch-up since we got back two weeks ago but I think I am finally there now and ready for the summer :-)

In the morning the boat next to us had a cover over its semi trad stern fitted so we had an estimate from DB Covers for a pram cover.  I’ve been wanting one since 2012 when the summer was so wet but with last summer being good the idea got put on the back burner. However so far this year I have decided that rain + dog = pram cover needed!  We are a 
reverse layout and I have never needed to wash the galley floor so often!  Richard is worried that it will get in the way and to be honest we have so many things fitted on and around the deck that it won’t be easy but Dave Beaton said that he could do it.  Watch this space to see what we decide.

Another job today was to finish organising our trip down the Severn Estuary from Sharpness to Bristol.  We are now booked in for our preferred date of May 19th but goodness knows when we will actually go!

I didn’t leave the boat all day except to walk up to the chandlers but I must have walked miles up and down the boat!

We will be leaving Evesham Marina tomorrow.  I quite like spending a few days in a marina so I can catch up on things that need electricity and lots of water!  However we have become rather stir crazy and even though the forecast for tomorrow isn’t good we will be leaving.  Everyone in the marina is very friendly and were a great help to Victoria on Saturday when Muffin made a bid for freedom after having a bath - apparently he had everyone chasing him round the marina trying to catch him!  The main problem with the marina is that the pontoons are only short and quite narrow so the boats are very close together.   Fortunately we only have liveaboard neighbours on one side and they have net curtains up so we didn’t get the feeling that we were being overlooked too much.

So tomorrow we go down river through Evesham Lock, turn round and then go up river for the night!  No we aren’t mad we are picking up my cousin and his sons in Evesham town and then taking them up to Offenham Lock where they will leave us and we will stay the night.  Muffin has been pretty fed up here in the marina but there is masses of space for him to run around at Offenham.

As I haven’t done much for the last couple of days I’ve put a few photos on the blog from Bridgnorth on Wednesday.

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