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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Above Boveney Lock (River Thames) – Saturday 13th September

I felt a little delicate this morning – can’t think why – and was rather slow to get going, in fact we were at Chertsey before I knew it!

Thames Court Staines
The Swan Hotel on the Egham side of the river

Up through Staines and on into Windsor where we had hoped to moor but at 3pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon we were not lucky – well not with having the bow and stern alongside! 
Windsor Castle
Steam Boat Alaska
We moved on up to Boveney Lock and found a lovely mooring place above the lock and almost beside Dorney Lake.  As we arrived a chap taking photographs asked if we would mind moving as he wanted to take some photos down river - I was very polite saying no!!

All day we had been seeing runners with 100k on their backs.  A little research showed me that they were taking part in the Thames Path Challenge, a race that you can either walk, jog, or run - in aid of a charity of your choice.  There are three options

•         100 km - 24 hour Walk, or Ultra Marathon Run from Putney Bridge to Henley

•         50 km - Walk or Run as a 'marathon plus' challenge - 1st 50 km London to Runnymede or 2nd 50 km Runnymede to Henley (day & night option!)

•         25 km - four walk options (each 25 km section from Putney to Henley) & two run options

Please note that there is a night option!!  We are moored alongside a gravel path and they are scrunching their way along in the dark – I hope it doesn’t go on ALL night!

We are moored by Boveney Chapel which is dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene.  It isn’t used anymore and is cared for by the Friends of Friendless Churches who saved it in June 1983.  The chapel dates from the Norman Conquest and is Grade 1 listed.  It was built to serve the bargemen or bargees as they were called who plied their trade on the river, although the quay immediately adjacent is long lost.

Boveney Chapel

Dorney Lake Boat House
We took Muffin for a walk to Dorney Lake, where the Olympic rowing events took place.  (That’s three Olympic venues this summer!).  The lake is owned by Eton College – I won’t say any more!!  There had been a triathlon taking place today – The Financial Times Triathlon which supports Impetus - The Private Equity Foundation, is a new triathlon specifically designed for Private Equity, Venture Capital, Professional Services (e.g. banks, credit managers, accountants, lawyers, consultants & hedge funds) and Portfolio companies!

A bridge with the Olympic rings on it!
The finish line

Strangely enough there is another triathlon tomorrow which is the HSBC Triathlon, Duathlon & Scootathlon – the latter being for 4 to 8 year olds!

14.72 miles

5 locks

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