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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Bablock Hythe (River Thames) – Monday 22nd September

A lovely bright and sunny morning though it was cold – we put the heating on and out came the winter duvet!

 Looking to Radcot Bidge
Our mooring
We had a late start and cruised to The Trout at Tadpole Bridge where we decided to frequent the pub for lunch.  The garden was very nice but the menu was rather sparse and very expensive - £9.95 for a roast beef sandwich!  We ended up with four bowls of chips and two of pork scratchings which were lovely.  I had put my washing on the whirligig before the leaving the boat and all bar two tee-shirts were dry!

The Trout at Tadpole Bridge
There are a couple of tight bends before Shifford Lock and sadly we lost one of my cauldron planters as we went under a tree.  It went over the side but before Richard could get the boat hook I watched it swirl and disappear under the water.  It rather spooked me as if it had been a baby or a cat I don’t think it would have stood a chance though I guess someone would have dived in to rescue one of those – hm why didn’t Richard dive in to get my cauldron?


We passed Newbridge which, in fact, is the second oldest on the river dating back from the 13th century - only Radcot Bridge is older – and is Grade II listed.  Newbridge and Radcot were built by monks on the orders of King John in order to improve communications between the wool towns in the south of England, and the Cotswold farms.  The River Windrush joins the Thames at Newbridge after its journey, via Burford and Witney, from its source near Bourton-on-the-Water

The lock house at Rushey Lock was in the past a guest house, providing a peaceful retreat for famous names such as Douglas Fairbanks and Errol Flynn.

Northmoor Lock

At Northmoor Lock I was intrigued as to why the Lockie opened one paddle fully but the other one only half – when I asked him I expected some technical explanation but was told that it’s the end of the season and he fancied some variety!!!  Still that brightened up my day at bit!  Northmoor Lock is one of the latest to be built along the river, constructed in 1896 and replacing the ancient Hart's and Ark flash weirs.

Bablock Hythe and The Ferryman
We were headed for Bablock Hythe and I really couldn’t wait for us to get there – it had been a long and twisty journey.  At Bablock is the Ferryman pub - a ferry service has been operating on and off by the pub for 1000 years. During the summer months the landlord of the Ferryman keeps the tradition alive with a small passenger boat.

13.57 miles
4 locks

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  1. I am loving your blogs and information which will be so very useful for when we get to come down south love Diane