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Monday, 22 September 2014

Radcot Bridge (River Thames) – Sunday 21st September

We had a nice lazy morning though there was a knock at 9am by a chap collecting our mooring fees.  This is the first time we have been charged on the Thames this year so we aren’t complaining about £4.

The view from the side hatch
Halfpenny Bridge
We wandered into Lechlade for a newspaper and a visit to the Christmas Shop.  I purposely hadn’t taken my credit card but persuaded Richard to spend £11.85.  With having a new house I will have to think about how to decorate it for Christmas especially as it seems to be my turn to have everyone :-)

The Christmas Shop
To get into Lechlade we had to cross over Halfpenny Bridge built in 1792 and so called because of the toll charged for pedestrians to cross it.  The toll was done away with in 1839.

Muffin enjoying a game of "noseball"
We had lunch and then moved off after Muffin had had a game of “noseball” with Richard.

The Round House at Inglesham Junction
Junction with the Thames and Severn Canal
Before we set off back down river we all jumped about Daisy Chain and headed up to wind at Inglesham Junction which really is the very top of the navigable Thames.  Daisy is only 45 feet long and Steve reckoned that he could wind her up there which he did with only grounding once! 

Halfpenny Bridge going upstream
... and downstream
Cotswold Canals Trust Volunteers classic Thames River Launch Inglesham
We then set off for a 2.5 hour cruise down river stopping just below Radcot Lock at Old Man’s Bridge

I forgot to say yesterday that we had done the Thames from Limehouse to Lechlade which is 144 miles and 47 locks and it took us 10 days – Canalplan say we could have done it in 9 working on 5 hours a day so it wasn’t THAT fast!

6.24 miles
3 locks


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