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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Lechlade (River Thames) – Saturday 20th September

Another grey morning but at least we haven’t had the dreadful rain that over parts of the UK have had however there must have been rain further upstream as the river was running quite fast.  As we went through Rushey Lock I said to the Lockie about the water and he said that at about 4am on Thursday morning the heavens had opened for 45 minutes and the river had risen by ½ inch – really, I didn’t hear a thing!

We had a disturbed night with Muffin.  I had given him a hide bone yesterday and at 4am he decided it was time to take it onto his bed which is at the bottom of our bed and chew it.  Well the noise was earth shattering!  OK so I exaggerate but it was loud.  Richard removed one bit and came back to bed – Muffin found another bit.  Richard then removed that bit and came back to bed – Muffin found another bit and believe it or not he found another bit!  After all that he settled back down and went to sleep – in a huff I bet!

It is very windy (that’s wiggly not blowy!) on the last part of the river up to Lechlade.  I was sitting down below trying to work out the best and cheapest flights to the US next year.  Daisy Chain was in front and one minute she would be out of the left window and next the right.  It was a very grey day – not the type of day to inspire or motivate me but at least I have worked out the flights – just need to book them now.

Paddleboarders and kayakers
All the locks were manned with relatively cheery lockies – but I think the greyness had got to them too.  We had been told conflicting stories about how busy Lechlade would be – some had said it would be busy and others quiet.  The Lockie at St. John’s put it into perspective for us – it is busy but busy this year has been quiet!!  However when we arrived at the moorings to get relatively near the bridge we couldn’t moor together.

The moorings at Lechlade are renowned for cattle who just love eating plants on the roofs of boats so all ours had to come off and be put away for the night.  The herd came to investigate what we had but were thwarted!

Hm - they are a bit close!

We went to the Swan in the town for dinner as they are dog friendly.  It’s an interesting place with lots of vintage petrol station paraphernalia and a scull on the ceiling.  The food was OK but nothing special.  There were two guys in there who were doing a giant burger challenge!  They had to eat an enormous burger and chips within an hour.  One guy gave up but the other completed his challenge but I think felt pretty rough afterwards!

Inside the Swan

 A walk back across the cow pat covered field in the dark to the boats was interesting!

12.24 miles
5 locks

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