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Wednesday 10 September 2014

Limehouse Basin (Regents Canal) – Tuesday 9th September

A day of boat and trains and planes!
Wood carver
Climbing the mast
We grabbed the Thames Clipper (boat) up to Greenwich and had a look round.  There was more to see than at Woolwich but some of the stands weren’t manned.  We had a coffee then decided that we ought to find our place to watch the Parade of Sail.  It was busy down by the riverside but we found a raised air shaft (or something) beside the college with a grating on so jumped up on that.  We weren’t sure how long we would have to wait but in the end the grand total was 2½ hours!  While we were waiting Richard went off to get some lunch while I closely guarded our spot.
Dar Mlodziezy
Duet who won the overall race
Eventually the magnificent Dar Mlodziezy (pronounced darmerjersey!) came round the corner with quite a few sails up.  As she was leading the flotilla as she passed she dipped her ensign in salute to the Mayor of Greenwich and all the young crew did a Mexican wave.  I actually had tears in my eyes as she looked so wonderful.  She was followed by the rest of the fleet – 50 in total.  Some were large and some small but they were all crewed by young people between 18 and 25.  I really envied them the camaraderie of doing something like the Tall Ships race as well as the experience of a lifetime.

Swan from Shetland
Pelican of London
I am only going to put a few photos on here today but will put more on Facebook when I have time and a better internet signal.

TS Royalist on her last trip
Southampton based TS Tenacious

We decided to walk up to the O2 and the Emirates cable car.  It was quite a long way and having stood for so long my feet were really aching.  We had hoped to do the whole Emirates Aviation Experience but guess what, dogs aren’t allowed inside.  Still we climbed into our pod and flew across the Thames (plane!).  It was such a lovely clear day that we could see for miles and had a wonderful view of the Thames Barrier.  I snapped away the whole way across but I won’t bore you with all the photos!!  It was a great experience and I would love to do it again – maybe at sunset.

The Thames Barrier
Looking to the north

From the north side of the river we caught the DLR (train) back to Limehouse.  You can see the boat from the train as you approach Limehouse station and it’s always nice to see that we are still on our own.  It really is only a hop, skip and a jump back to the boat (in fact I can see the station as I sit writing this).
The O2

We were pretty knackered so I didn’t cook and good old Richard went and got a lovely pizza.

Flying dog!

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