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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Bridge 100 (Oxford Canal) – Sunday 20th September

We woke up to a lovely day but I don’t think the good weather is going to last.

It was farewell to Wigrams this morning as we pulled away from our pontoon and headed to the canal.  It was nice to get away but we were only heading to Braunston as Richard wanted to return something to Midland Chandlers.  We had had our stove condemned at the end of last winter as the collar had split and carbon monoxide could have been coming out.  A few weeks ago Richard had bought a new collar and we had asked the engineer at Wigrams if he could fit it.  In the end the engineer was able to weld the old collar so we really didn’t need a spare.  Midland Chandlers refunded the money on the old one without question.  We also bought a tin of stove paint as the top of the stove is looking really bad.

We then headed back towards Napton and moored up just before Bridge 100.  After lunch I tried to get on the internet but to no avail so we moved to the other side of the bridge where it worked a treat!

During the afternoon we were passed by Timothy West and Prunella Scales on, what we assume to be, their own boat.  I missed the name but did notice that it was from Banbury.  Pru was down the side deck doing something which worried me a bit with her dementia getting worse.
Muffin was fed up with our laziness
That was about it for today.  I’m afraid that we both slobbed out all afternoon – I think that the craziness of our time at home must have caught up with us!

6.56 miles
0 locks

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