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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Mojacar - March 18th to 22nd

Now where were we!!  Oh yes we had just had a day in the mountains - was that really a week ago??!!

Sunday was a wet day so we had a very lazy day.  It cleared up in the afternoon so we went for a walk down to Best Indalo hotel.  As we turned round it started to rain and I decided that that was a great excuse to visit the ice cream parlour, Geletaria Italiana Alberto!!  It wasn’t open when we here last year so I was very keen to visit.  Sadly our first experience wasn’t the greatest 😟 I had an ice cream which wasn’t very inspiring (my fault really) and Richard had a hot chocolate which was basically warm chocolate sauce!  We walked back to the apartment and hunkered down - it was all of 15 degrees outside!

Monday was a different day.  We fancied tapas so messaged the others to see if anyone wanted to join us and it was decided to go to the Chicken Shack, otherwise known as Bar Luz.  11 of us sat down in the sunshine to scrumptious chicken and chips and had a really sociable time.  Sue fancied ice cream after the meal so she, Roly and ourselves took the short walk back to the ice cream parlour.  This time I got it right and had a lovely black currant sundae 😃 It had been a lovely day - we are so lucky to have such lovely friends.

Tuesday was a quiet day. We drove up to Vera to visit the Iceland store there.  It is run by Iceland Overseas and has a wide range of British foods and a lot of Waitrose products.  My son, Robert, works for Waitrose so I took a photo of a couple of products and asked him for the price in the UK.  The Viennese Biscuits are £1.69 in the UK and €2.50 (£2.20) over here.  Quite a hike!

We went for a drive out on Wednesday to Bedar.  We had passed it last year and it was on our list of places to visit this year.  Up into the mountains passed some amazing looking villas wedged up on the side or on the top, some even had pools - I can imagine that they are very expensive.  We parked up and walked into the village.  It is a typical Spanish village - 90% of the houses were painted white and each house, even though they are terraced, are all individual.  The roads going through are just one car width and appear to be two-way!  We were very glad we were walking.  We tried to find a village centre but were unlucky. I had Google maps up on my phone as we were getting quite lost.  I reckon a Transit van is about the biggest vehicle to get round the village but even that might have problems turning some of the hairpin corners.  What on earth happens if there is a fire I hate to think.  These are just a few photos I took.

We stopped at, what looked like, the only restaurant in the village - the Mirimar. It clings to the top of a mountain ledge.  We were very boring and had English food with a Spanish twist!  Next time we will have the slow roasted leg of lamb - it looked and smelt amazing.  These photos were taken from inside the restaurant.

In the evening our neighbours, Phil and Liz, came round for a drink.  Their apartment’s gate and our gate are directly opposite each other and about four feet apart!  It is their third time in Mojacar but the first time in Pueblo Diana.  Their apartment is very different to ours and I think there was a bit of apartment envy going on!!  They are extremely nice people and we will be seeing them again.

Thursday saw us driving off to Garrucha to the Lighthouse (Retaurante Rincon Del Puerto) for lunch. Apparently if you sit inside you can have free tapas but who really wants to sit inside when the sun is shining? Well I guess the Spanish would as it wouldn’t be warm enough for them!!  We chose four things off the menu and had half portions - what arrived was still big but we struggled through it but we did leave some potato. It was really lovely sitting watching the boats in the marina but it’s sad that opposite is the dock for the gypsum which is mined in Sorbas. Lorries ply back and forth down the quay to the waiting coaster which, when full, sails away and the next one comes in.  A million metric tonnes is exported annually.  A barbecue was planned for Friday so some shopping needed to be done.  Firstly we went to Lidl in Garrucha but they didn’t really have anything that we wanted so drove up to Iceland in Vera where we managed to get most things though we finished off in the local Mercadona.

I’m going to stop here as I am using some silly blogging app on my iPad and it keeps crashing with the photos.  I’ll be back soon!

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