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Monday, 26 March 2018

Mojacar - March 23rd to 24th

We had planned to have a barbecue on Friday and it turned out to probably be the best day of the holiday - weather wise.  We have a nice built in barbecue here and when Richard saw it he said that we should have a barby but I’m not sure he meant for 13 people!  We spent the morning sorting ourselves out and counting out plates and cutlery, we managed everything for 13 except for one dinner plate!  There was a last minute panic about beer so we shot up to the local supermarket and stocked up.  Our visitors arrived about 2pm laden with salads and booze - my type of friends!! (We needn’t have gone out and got the extra beer!).  Richard cooked some lovely food though it all took quite a long time to cook but the wine and beer flowed.  The main course was followed by a lovely chocolate cake and strawberries.  As everyone started to leave I felt sad so suggested to Phil and Liz that they stay for a while, which they did.  I was in bed by about 9pm - I would like to say that I was exhausted but I think wine might have had a hand in there somewhere!  I’m afraid that I forgot to take any photos but fortunately Joanne had taken a couple.

I thought that Saturday was going to be a quiet day but Richard and agreed to introduce Phil and Liz to tapas.  We walked down to El Sitio which is a lovely rustic Spanish restaurant.  The tapas wasn’t the best we have had but the ambience was lovely and even though El Propietario didn’t speak English we managed to converse with a lot of arm waving!

Having introduced Phil and Liz to tapas it was then time to introduce them to the ice cream parlour.  

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