I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Dunchurch Pools Marina (North Oxford Canal) – Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th April

Thursday - We are back!! 

Richard is just about back to normal after his heart bypass – but what is normal I ask myself??!!  Sadly my knee is far from back to normal – I am experiencing pain but not nearly as much as I was before the arthroscopy.  I have to see my GP in a couple of weeks to have an injection in it which will, hopefully, lessen the pain.

We arrived back early afternoon and after the unpacking I toddled off to Sainsburys to get the shopping.  In the evening we drove to The Boat House in Braunston to meet up with Cathy and Martin from Moriarty. We met them in Spain last year though apparently, we met them about 5 years ago on the Macclesfield.  I sort of remember but Cathy remembers 😊  It was lovely catching up with them as they had left Spain this year before we arrived.  They are off to the River Nene – I hope the flood waters subside before they get there!
My son, Robert, with grandson, Tobyn
Friday – We were staying put in the marina today and used the day to get all sorts of jobs done.  We made a trip to Midland Swindlers Chandlers and a brief visit to Braunston Chandlers.  We want to get a clock for the saloon but neither chandlers had anything we liked.  In the afternoon we returned to Sainsburys to have a look at TVs.  We wanted to replace our TV with something I bit bigger – we are getting old and need bigger print!  We found what we wanted but it wasn’t in stock but would be on Saturday.

The reason for staying in the marina was to catch up with some new friends – Jem and Trish.  Richard came across Trish whilst walking Muffin one day back in November.  They were living in their motorhome in Jem's mother's drive on Hayling Island waiting to find the boat of their dreams!  Small world eh???  They found their boat and set off on her in January which I think is very brave but then if they enjoy the winter then the summer should be a breeze!  They moored up just on the other side of the hedge from us and we wandered up to see them.  Trish had offered to cook a meal which was very tasty.  She will read this and wonder if I really did enjoy it as I had picked the parsnips out but Trish, yes, I really did enjoy it 😊  We had a lovely evening

Mary H in her new berth at Dunchurch Pools Marina
Saturday – Trish and Jem were coming to see Mary H so there was a quick tidy up and a hoover!  Their boat is also a Liverpool boat but fitted out by someone else so is similar to ours but different!  I think they were quite amazed at how light Mary H is but we have painted the ceiling and the top part of the walls in cream which does make a difference.  I had said last night that Mary H is pink inside and Trish was thinking it would be all baby pink and froufrou so she was pleasantly surprised!  It is only pink accessories and then those are a bright pink.  They left us and went on their way towards the Thames.

In the afternoon we went to Ikea in Coventry.  Trish and Jem had got fairy lights under the gunnel so we went to get some – any excuse for a trip to Ikea!  It is a huge store and we could have done with Google maps to help us round!  There always used to be yellow foot prints to show you round but now you are lucky if you can find a white arrow!!!!  It was then Sainsburys to pick up the TV.  We had a very pleasant evening watching our new TV – no more squinting!

The Mufster!
The photos on this post are odd ones that I have taken recently which I like.


  1. You need to do a blog showing us round Dunchurch pools marina — I thought it looked quite nice when we last went by, and it’s probably moved on since then.

    Also, about half the times I open your blog it’s replaced by the webring thing. Infuriating.

  2. Is that Waiouru I see moored beyond Mary H?