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Monday, 4 June 2018

Brittany - May 2018 (Part twelve)

Saturday 26th May

A grey day - the first for two weeks.  We packed up the awning and everything else that makes a good camp, said our goodbyes to Penny and Jim and drove on our way to the north coast.  It has been really nice having the company of Penny and Jim (not forgetting Freddie of course) for two weeks.  We will miss them all especially Penny's backseat comments from the Rough Guide to Brittany and Normandy but she has left us the book so I will have to do it now.  It is a good book and I can recommend it.

This was our pitch.

Richard found someone hiding under the electric cable holder.

We are pitched on sand and had a real problem getting the caravan off!  Penny and I had to stand in the bathroom at the back while Richard used the caravan mover to plough furrows in the sand!

Just before we arrived at the site a week ago we turned a corner and saw a wonderful view down over the beach.  Each time we passed it I said that I must take a photo well today I finally did and, of course, it was the first grey day we had had.

I had chosen Paimpol for our third site.  The email I had received from them said to arrive between 4pm and 7pm - of course we got there about 2.30pm thinking that it would be OK but the reason they give you those times is because that is when the office is open and not before!  However we saw a notice that said to chose a pitch and then go back at 4pm which is what we did.  The site is on a hillside and the pitches cut in.  I went onto each one to make sure we got a good view of the sea (it was misty and we couldn't actually see the sea but we knew it was there somewhere!!)  We chose our pitch and went back and collected the caravan.  The pitch was perfect, all that we had to do was hope that no-one came onto the pitch below us.  We set up camp and went back at 4pm to check in.  

When we were sorted we drove to the local town of Plouezec to find the local supermarket.  We decided on ham, egg and chips (again!) as it is so easy to make.

The site has a tree house!  Camping de Brehat's website says "Who has never dreamed of being rocked by the tides and awakened by the song of birds?  The time of a romantic or family stay (capacity 4 people), live an  unforgettable experience in our tree house perched at 5 meters height  ! From its terrace, enjoy panoramic views of Paimpol Bay and Bréhat Island. Treat yourself to an unusual stay in our cabin with rustic comfort but cozy for a return to the sources and nature ! We take care of everything, the sheets are provided and in the morning you only have to pull the rope, your breakfast will be delivered by a pulley system!"  Please excuse the English!

They also have bivouac tent rental.  Again from their website "The Camping Cap de Brehat  is on the path of great hiking the GR34 which connects Saint-Quay-Pontrieux to Paimpol.  We thought of you, friends hikers to offer you adequate accommodation to rest during your journey.  Take your sleeping bag and put your backpack in this tent on stilts, with a sheltered picnic table."

Richard is one those lucky people who can go to sleep as soon as their head hits the pillow.  Me?  No, I have to read or play games on the iPad (I know its not good for me) until at least 11.30pm.  About 11pm Muffin started to get anxious - he could obviously hear the thunder coming in.  Soon the rain started pounding on the caravan roof and then the thunder started.  Muffin doesn't do loud noises at the best of times but in a caravan he was terrified.  He sat with me shaking and panting. The storm went on for 50 minutes until slowing moving away.  Muffin calmed down and finally went back on his bed.  Richard?  He slept right through it all!!!

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