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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Spain 2020 - a birthday (not mine) and a meal out with old friends

Friday 31st January

Oh dear, these blog posts do seem so boring!  Bear with me, our life will get more interesting!

I guess I haven’t really emphasised just how lovely the weather is out here.  For the last week it has been hot and more or less wall to wall sunshine 😊  We haven’t done vey much as we are just enjoying the weather and our view.  I am reading a book – I haven’t read a book for years.  The other day, as we were driving home probably from the supermarket, I thought that maybe we could stop for a cuppa but, to be honest, we have a better view than the cafes and I can make a cup of tea and offer a biscuit!

This morning we went to Vera.  Firstly, we went to the huge Chinese “you name it we sell it” shop.  I reckon the floor area must be the size of a football pitch! We only wanted a couple of things, but it is so big that it seemed to take ages to find them.  It was then next door to Iceland, and I overheard two women talking about how hot it is for January.  Last year they were all saying how cold it is for January!  China and Iceland in one morning, whatever next!!

We stopped on the way home so that I could take some photos of the villa from the sea front.

I also took a front view photo of the villa being built just along from us. 

In the afternoon, in the effort to take Muffin somewhere that wasn’t our usual part of the beach, we went a little bit further up.  We came across a “ravine” – this has obviously got worse after the dreadful rain the Mojacar had on Tuesday last week.

Saturday 1st February

Today is my favourite son’s birthday (I only have one son!) 😊  I won’t say how old he is for his sake, but he has a big one next year! 

 Robert with my two grandsons, Tobyn and Bobby – born June 2019

Penny and Jim, sister and brother-in-law, are up staying at our house so everyone, including Stepfather, Richard, met up for a birthday lunch.  We had a couple of FaceTime sessions which were lovely.  The best bit was that Bobby, almost 8 months now, was sitting on Penny’s lap.  He saw me on FaceTime then turned and looked at Penny, then back at me then Penny.  This went of for some time!  I really didn’t think that Penny and I looked that alike but, I guess, Bobby thinks we do!

It had been a hot day so when we took Muffin to the beach, I had a paddle.  The water was really quite warm.  Muffin decided to have a roll in the sand whilst wet and had to have a complete wash down when we got home!

In the evening we met up with Liz and Phil, who we met in 2018, and who were on holiday out here – they never went home (well except to visit)!  They love it out here and were trying to persuade us to move out here too!  I could easily sell up at home and buy a place out here though we would keep the boat for the summer months as it gets way too hot out here for us.  However, I couldn’t do it as I would just miss my family too much.  Anyway, where was I, oh yes meeting up with Liz and Phil!  We went to the Osteria Ristorante Italiano where we had an excellent meal.  It doesn’t look much from the outside but is lovely inside and has excellent service.  One to return to, I think.  It was lovely to catch up with Liz and Phil – I’m sure we will see more of them while we are here.

Sunday 2nd February

This morning I suddenly discovered that I am so behind with the blog – a smack on the back of my hand and I promise to do better!

It was so hot outside that Richard went and sat in MY chair in the shade near the pool where I had sat yesterday.  He then came in saying that he was cold so went to sit in the sun, it was then it was that it was too hot outside so, as I write, he is sitting on the sofa inside reading.  It is a very pleasant 21ΒΊ inside, with no heating on of course!

I spent the afternoon reading blogs that I subscribe to.  I was so far behind that it took me forever.

In the evening I spent a wonderful half an hour FaceTiming with my grandsons.  We managed a 3 way call with Laura upstairs with Bobby in the bath and Robert downstairs with Tobyn.  Robert found some wonderful, hm what do I call them, dressing up things and a hamburger game.  Tobyn had a great time playing and making Granny into all sorts of things.  One made him into a foot and he really didn’t like it, but I can’t say I blame him!

I do miss Tobyn and Bobby but FaceTiming is my saviour.

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