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Friday 21 October 2011

Friday 21st October

Our last morning on the cut. I wish the sun had been shining but it was a very grey day. We set off to retrace our steps to King’s Bromley Marina and arrived there about 10.30am. We went on to our mooring and walked up to the office where we were warmly greeted by Martin (the new manager) and Sue. Richard asked if he could do some painting and they suggested that we move to the maintenance pontoon so we untied and moved again! In fact it is much better for us as a) Millie can go ashore easily and b) we can get the car right beside the boat when Victoria arrives tomorrow. We will go back onto our own pontoon on Sunday before we leave to go home. I’m not sure how I feel about going home. Yesterday I was all for it and couldn’t wait but I felt very sad as we approached the marina this morning. But it was cold today and I know it will be nicer at home! Also SCS phoned and said that our new sofa and chair are going to be delivered on Tuesday :-)

Millie was reading the blog last night and said that I had only put one photo of her on it this year – so today’s photos are just for her!

Memorable moments (in chronoligical order). Victoria being on board with us and making new friends – Steve and Diane in April. Our visit to Birmingham in July. July 28th when we lost Millie in the morning and had a badly fouled prop in the afternoon. My break in Worcester at the beginning of August with Victoria. My Mother and Stepfather on board both Mary H and Cecilia as they were tied together going up the Severn. Our “holiday” with Penny and Jim. Our race to the Caldon Canal to meet Robert and Laura and of course their stay with us for a much too short a time. The Anderton Boat Lift and our lovely visit to the River Weaver and finally meeting up with my cousins in Cheshire. However I think the most memorable moment of the year has to go to Millie when Richard knocked her off the side deck into the River Severn.

Statistics for the month. 154 miles and 67 locks (it felt like more than that!) Which makes our total for 2011 – 718 miles and 594 locks in 109 days. Last year we averaged 8.1 miles and 5.7 locks a day whereas this year its been 6.6 miles and 5.5 locks. About the same locks but less miles – interesting.

So readers that is it for 2011. We will be back in April 2012 but until then a Happy Christmas to you all!!

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