I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Friday 14 October 2011

Thursday 13th October

We only had a half mile trip today into Market Drayton. There was plenty of mooring and it all looked nice until we walked up into the town. Everywhere looked so drab and gloomy even though the sun was shining. There are a lot of empty shops and the ones that are occupied look tatty and unkempt. We sat on a bench for a while but I’m afraid the place depressed me so we didn’t hang about. However on a brighter note Market Drayton has been the home of gingerbread for the last 200 years. In the past, not content with rum in their secret recipe, decadent Draytonians dunked it in port. It is reputed to have curiously restorative powers – maybe I should get some! There is a market on a Wednesday – I wish we had been here for that. There was a great fire 1651 which destroyed almost 70% of the town. It was started at a bakery, and quickly spread through the timber buildings. The Buttercross in the centre of the town still has a bell at the top for people to ring if there was ever another fire. We stayed in Market Drayton as we had to take Millie to the vet. She appears to have a bad dose of fleas L I’ve been applying Frontline flea stuff monthly since I met Richard but I had heard that cats can become immune to it however the vet said that Frontline is the best treatment. She reckons that we have so many fleas on thre boat that they are jumping on Millie biting her then dying from the chemicals! We have to wash all our bedding and towels, hoover, spray some revolting spray everywhere and vacate the boat – Millie will have to go in her basket on the roof!

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