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Wednesday 11 July 2012

Tuesday 10th July

Rain, rain, go away come again another day! In fact don’t come back for a long time!

Doncaster visitor moorings are pretty dire in the rain – but then again even the attractive of places can look pretty dire in the rain! We decided to go and have a wander round the town – it failed in its bid to get city status as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. There is a very good market both an outside one and an inside one. The inside one had an excellent meat section but unfortunately I didn’t need any! The fruit and veg bit is outside but there weren’t that many stalls however I got some nice looking strawberries and raspberries. We wandered round the town and had a very nice light lunch in Torrs – definitely recommended. We went into the shopping centre, Frenchgate, and got lost – we ended up in the bus station!!

Doncaster is our final destination for a few days. Richard is going home on Thursday and leaving Millie and I on the boat. We have a mooring at Strawberry Island Boat Club which is great as I have electricity and water – luxury! We were going to stay at the town mooring for another night but decided to come to Strawberry Island instead.

Our mooring at Strawberry Island has been organized for us by an email friend of mine, Carol Wood. When I had my knee replacement last year I was browsing the internet and came across Carol who had also just had a knee replacement and is a narrowboater. We compared knees for some months and, as she was 6 weeks ahead of me, gave me some idea of what was to come! We have kept in touch ever since and we finally met tonight, she and her partner George came to Mary H and we nattered for hours – it was great :-)

So blog followers it’s blog break time. I’ll be back on line on Wednesday 18th once we have moved on again. But just before I go it is weigh day and I've lost 2lbs this week - that's 15 lbs in total now :-)

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